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Travel Interview with Max Schneider

{Blogtober- Day 9} For those of you who don't know who Max Schneider is, you are missing out BIG time. He's a pop/soul singer from New York City. He started performing at a young age has had his single Lights Down Low played all over radio stations like Z100.  He's been a huge influence in… Continue reading Travel Interview with Max Schneider

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The Lights Festival

These festivals are popular all over the world. My family and I found one not too far from us in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania. We had signed up for VIP notifications so we knew when the tickets went on sale. Like most events, the early bird tickets are always the cheapest, then the price goes up as… Continue reading The Lights Festival


My Summer Concert Series 

Usually I go to a handful of concerts during the summer but this summer included lots of work and other vacations. So here are the few concerts I did go to and why you should go see them too. 1.New Addictions Tour (7/1 & 7/2) R5, Ryland, BC Jean, Hailey Knox Everyone knows R5 is… Continue reading My Summer Concert Series 

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About Me

Hi, my name is Kimberly, everyone calls me Kim. I'm 22 years old currently working full time for a utility company. I'm quite new to travel blogging but not to traveling itself. I've been traveling all over with my family since I was very young. We used to go camping up and down the east… Continue reading About Me