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Trip to Warsaw, Poland

My friend and I decided to do something crazy and buy tickets to see our favorite band’s last show of their European tour… in Poland. I’ve never been to Poland but my grandparents were forced to work in a labor camp there during WWII so I felt a connection to it.

We flew TAP Portugal on the way there with a connecting flight in Lisbon. When we got to Lisbon, our flight kept getting delayed until we finally got on a plane where everyone spoke Polish and that was pretty much it. We landed in Warsaw and grabbed our luggage before catching our airport shuttle to the apartment.

We wanted to stay close to Old Town since there was a lot to do there. We found an apartment through AAA Stay Apartments which was right across the street from Old Town. The apartments were secured with a pin code in order to get through the gate then another to get into the building. There was no check-in desk or anything so if you needed anything, you would just email or call them and they were very quick to respond. We finally found the apartment and entered the lock code to get our key out after dragging our luggage up and down the stairs a couple times. The apartment was really nice. It had one bedroom with tons of closet space as well as a small kitchen and a big living room. In the bedroom the window over the bed had a beautiful view of all of the historical buildings.

Once we got settled, we got ready and headed to a tearoom a couple minutes away. The place was called Same Fusy. Once you walk inside you go down the stairs and the place is dimly lit with exposed bricks and candles. We got to our table and were trying to figure out what to order. The only food they had were desserts but we weren’t complaining. My friend got a mulled wine with vanilla and orange and I got an apricot green tea. The tea was so delicious I think I drank the whole pot. It didn’t need anything added to it either although they served it with rock shaped sugar. We also ordered a slice of apple pie and a slice of gibanica which was a warm cake with apples, cottage cheese and poppy seeds.  It was definitely a different experience but I would definitely go back. Since we didn’t have a full meal, we decided to get some pierogies to go from the place next door to the apartment. So delicious!!

The next day was the concert so we decided to sleep in a bit before getting ready. We grabbed a taxi and headed to the venue Progresja. After waiting outside in the cold, we couldn’t wait to get inside and get warm. The band was so surprised to see us, it was the best feeling in the world. The concert was interesting too… When we finally got back to the apartment we both passed out. We hadn’t eaten or drank anything all day. The one thing we found difficult was finding water although the last day we drove around the corner to find a market so close….

The following day didn’t start until 1pm for us. We decided to head back into Old Town for some food and souvenir shopping. For lunch we ate at a Polish kitchen which had tents with heaters in the middle of the square. I got a delicious white borscht and a coke. I was so happy to have something sugary to drink.

After lunch we took a taxi to where we would begin our beer tour. It was a little awkward since there was only two of us and the guide on the tour. The first stop was a bar called Drugie Dno which was a decent walk away. We tried 3 different beers and were served pork belly with potatoes.

The second stop was a brewery named Artezan which is where we tried 4 different beers. One of them having an ABV of 11%, man was it strong.

The last stop was The Taps which we tried one of my favorites, John Limon by Hopium which was a wheat ale with lemon and basil. I never thought those combinations would taste good in a beer but don’t knock it til you try it!

Our last day in Warsaw we decided to stroll around Old Town again and grab breakfast  before heading to Złote Tarasy for some shopping. Złote Tarasy is a mall in center of Warsaw with a beautiful glass dome ceiling. Although they did have some stores we have in the United States, we still wanted to shop! We grabbed a quick bite at one of the many food court options before heading back.

Although my overall impression of Warsaw was very historic and beautiful, I do wish I could have experienced it during its high season. I feel like there would be more to do. I didn’t see one hop-on hop-off bus go by or anything. I really did like it there though, next time I just have to brush up on my Polish!

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