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Travel Interview with Max Schneider

{Blogtober- Day 9}

For those of you who don’t know who Max Schneider is, you are missing out BIG time. He’s a pop/soul singer from New York City. He started performing at a young age has had his single Lights Down Low played all over radio stations like Z100.  He’s been a huge influence in my life, I have been honored to have watch him perform so many times and yet no show is ever the same. He brings so much life to the stage and is the most humble and kind man I know. He’s been all over the country touring and doing what he loves so I wanted to ask him some travel related questions, here’s what he said:


What’s the name of the tour you are currently on? A: Meteor Tour

Who is with you? A: Our MAX crew is 6 rad humans and we’ve got a few wonderful support acts

What is one thing you HAVE to pack and bring with you? A: A really comfy pillows

Are you an overpacker? A: Yes Emily helps me with that

What is your favorite US city? Why? So hard to chose but my heart is always I my hometown of New York City. I carry it everywhere I go.

What is your favorite European city? Why? A: I haven’t gotten to explore too many but london is quite wonderful

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve eaten abroad? A: Pig ear

What city surprised you the most? In what way? A: Montréal, the energy is so special

Are you someone who sleeps the whole flight or watches movies? Both

Layovers or non-stop flights? Non stop

Favorite international food? Fish and chips in England

How many countries have you visited? I think 12

What is one place you’d go back to (that you’ve visited on tour) for vacation ? A: Hawaii

Do you have a travel companion? A: My wife and my musical partner

Have you had any bad experiences abroad? What was it? A: Yes. Sketchy things happen in certain counties. Break ins to hotel rooms etc.

Most impressive airport? A: Japan

What is your favorite US city to visit on tour? A: Seattle

What’s the one thing you don’t like about being on tour? A: Leaving our dog with his grandparents

If you could give advice to someone going on their first international tour what would it be? A: Rest rest rest rest but also explore as much as possible

Do you have any travel rituals or habits? A: Warming up and taking care of ourselves as much as possible. Finding a rad thrift shop and coffee spot In each city

What country haven’t you been to that you would love to visit? A: Holland or Morocco

What’s one picture that doesn’t need a description? A: A picture of our dog

What’s one picture of your favorite city? A: Pike Place market

Any other comments? A: Slay


If you wanna check Max out, you can follow him on social media here 🙂






Thanks Max for being apart of my travel blog and letting me interview you. xoxo

9 thoughts on “Travel Interview with Max Schneider

  1. I have to heard of Max Schneider, but I really enjoyed reading the interview and the lovely photos, especially of the cute little dog. Fab and interesting post


  2. Aw! I’ll have to check out his music! His dog is so adorable:) So cool to have people like this in your life:D It’s great to gain some insights into a touring musician’s life and what it’s like, so thanks for the interesting read!

    Liked by 1 person

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