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I don’t think people are educated enough about travel insurance. Believe it or not, not a lot of people are aware that their current insurance does not cover you when traveling outside the country. Unfortunately, people don’t think they need travel insurance until something bad happens to them.

There are many companies that offer travel insurance. I personally have used World Nomads.

There’s so much that is covered including trip cancellation, emergency evacuation and baggage delay. World Nomads covers over 150 activities. Although they do not cover all activities, you can check out if your specific activity is covered here.

They also offer 24/7 emergency assistance it case you need to get a hold of someone while abroad.

I created a quote using my information for my upcoming Poland trip. I am going for 5 days and this is the total for 2 people. There are two different options, Standard or Explorer.


This is what the Standard option offers:

world nomad1


Explorer offers this for the same trip:


Here are the links to the entire document, which gets more in depth with the definitions of what it covers.



Depending on the trip, the prices it covers varies but the Explorer option is good for more expensive trips.




Cover More is another option, this is the travel insurance we recommend to our clients at the travel company I work for. They have a couple different options when it comes to what you want to be covered.

With entering the same trip information as above, here are the different prices and options;


Here are the coverage details for each type:

AirCare Abroad

ExactCare Value


ExactCare Extra

Cover More also has the option to add extras like these:


Some other companies that offer travel insurance are: 

1. Travel Insurance  

2. Travelex

3. Roam Right

4. Allianz
I would explore these different options to see which one is the best for you and your next trip! 

Although I hope to never have to use the insurance, you never know what is going to happen, especially with what is going on in the world, so I always think it’s better to be safe than sorry.

14 thoughts on “Travel Insurance

  1. Us Dutchies are very much insurance addicts, so we tend to over-insure ourselves. But “hell yes”, to the importance of checking it out before a (big) trip!


  2. Thanks for sharing a very valuable post one travel insurance – I always book with World Nomads. I know people who did not take out travel insurance and ended up with huge bills to pay for various expenses.


  3. Cheaper insurance is not always better. It’s always good to read the small print when buying. I find as well that annual multi-trip insurance is a great alternative than buying as and when travel insurance.

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  4. Travel insurances are really important. I never plan a trip without travel insurance. I know many people who think it’s a waste of money but they should know it’s for their own benefit.

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  5. I was currently looking for better options for Travel Insurance! This couldn’t have come at a better time because I’ll be planning a trip to the Phillipines! Thanks for offering your experience with World Nomads!

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  6. I always get travel insurance when we travel – I learnt the hard way when I was stranded in Kansas City, Missouri for three days when travelling with work. They had not provided insurance and I hadn’t thought to get my own – I ended up £400 out of pocket and then had to try and persuade my company to book me on a new flight home!

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  7. I’ve used World Nomads too, and I can’t complain. I usually forget to get travel insurance until the last minute, though (woops!)… Thanks for explaining everything so thoroughly, really useful!

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  8. For frequent travelers, this is a must but I may correct myself this is a must for all !! I agree with you and this post is an eye-opener for many. I never miss on my travel insurance while traveling. I like it that now we can compare the quotations and select the best options .Thanks for the links shared.

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