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Why Hawaii was my Mom’s Favorite Trip

I wanted to interview my mom on her favorite trip that we’ve taken, here’s what she said;

Maui, Hawaii



Where is it located? Pacific Ocean.

What do you know about it? It is made up of several islands.

When did you visit? Summer 2013.

Who did you go with? My husband and two daughters.

What was most memorable? I loved the entire trip but the Road to Hana was my favorite. The helicopter ride was also amazing.


What was the best thing you ate here? Cheeseburger in Paradise in Lahaina.


Would you go back? Absolutely.

What was one thing you didn’t really like about the destination? How far away it is from the mainland.

One piece of advice for someone visiting? Don’t overpack and don’t drive the road to Hana by yourself, it’s too dangerous. Take a tour instead.

What didn’t you do that you want to do next time? I would like to explore the islands.

Favorite photo from the trip?



Thank you mom for letting me interview you ! And also thank you to you and dad for giving us the opportunity to experience Maui.

12 thoughts on “Why Hawaii was my Mom’s Favorite Trip

  1. I’m so glad your mum had a great time! Helicopter ride sounds amazing, it’s one of the items on my bucket list! Your family looks great and your photos of Hawaii are stunning:)


  2. Hawaii is on top if my list the awesome views and the beaches it’s just amazing. Thank you for sharing your mom interview. It made me fell in love with the place more.

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  3. Although Hawaii was my favorite vacation, it’s not about the destination. It’s about spending time with my family and enjoying every minute with them. I love experiencing new adventures with them!

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