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What’s in my Carry-on?

{Blogtober- Day 5}

Like some people, I tend to overpack with things I might need (and wind up never using). I think it’s a good idea to have any items you are afraid to lose. You never know if you’re luggage will be delayed or get lost. You never know what you might need !


Here are the top items that go in my carry-on:


This one doesn’t need an explanation… if you forget this or pack it in your checked bag you have a bigger problem.

2. Medicine

Depending on what kind of medication you need over-the-counter or a prescription, you should keep some of it with you in your carry on just in case your luggage gets lost. I know how crappy I feel if I miss a day so God forbid my luggage gets lost for good before my trip, I’d be a wreck.

  • Make sure you keep any prescription medication in a bottle with YOUR name on it. Try not to bring unmarked or unpackaged medicine in your carry on in case TSA takes it away.



3. Chargers and Adapters

I know most of these are obvious but when packing in a hurry, you might throw it into the wrong bag. Make sure you have your charger so you can use it in the airport waiting for the flight or on the plane if they have outlets.

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT forget your adapter. You’ll go crazy trying to find one. Depending on where you’re going, you’ll definitely need an adapter/converter to use anything that plugs in.

  • Do your research on the voltage at your destination. Some places require a different voltage. When I went to London, although I had the correct converter, my straighter overheated and melted the metal plate away from the ceramic piece.

I got mine from amazon

4. Earphones

One of my must-haves. No matter what anyone tells you, the earphones the airlines give you are not sanitary. I refuse to put those things in my ears. There have been times when I forget to bring my earphones places other than on the plane and I feel so lost. Even if I wind up sleeping the whole plane ride, I’d rather have them on me just in case. (Plus they’re great if you don’t want anyone to talk to you).

This meme was so fitting.

5. Water

This is a personal preference. Obviously don’t bring a water bottle from the outside because you’ll just have to throw it out. Once you get through security I buy a water bottle right away. I never know when I’ll need it and it’s definitely important to stay hydrated while traveling. I know they come around with drinks on the plane but honestly, those cups hold like 2 sips….


6. Snacks

I’ve made the mistake multiple times by not bringing a snack (preferably twizzlers) then getting to my destination and being starving in the middle of the night because of jet lag and having nothing to eat. It’s also a good idea if you don’t want to spend tons of money on food in the airport or eat the food they give you on the plane.

7. Extra Outfit

Same reason as most.. just in case you lose your luggage you want to make sure you have at least one other outfit to change into. Trust me it’s a life saver. When we went to Disney, I wore pants and a t-shirt on the plane. When we got to the hotel, our luggage wasn’t there yet (you can go through Disney for this option), meanwhile it was 90-something degrees outside and I was wearing pants, a t-shirt and closed shoes…not fun.




What is one thing you absolutely NEED in your carry on?


14 thoughts on “What’s in my Carry-on?

  1. My carry on luggage is always overweight LOL, great read to think about some of the things I don’t need to carry – I definitely to pack less. Great ideas of some other things I could include in my carry on to.

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  2. Lol my luggage is always under weight when I travel. I pack minimal clothes and yes to rest of the stuff like eatables.


  3. I used to overpack as well until after traveling for a while. Completely agree with all of these. I also bring my contact case, solution and a toothbrush and toothpaste. Flying back and forth from the the US to China, I can’t stand not brushing my teeth for a long time haha.


  4. The headphones definitely work for me, even when I am not listening to anything and just use them to zone out the noise.


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