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My First Day as a Travel Consultant 

 {Blogtober- Day 3}


Today was my first day of a new adventure at GOGO Vacations. I was very anxious but excited about starting since my dream was to get into the travel industry. The day started at 9 which was a lot later than I was used to so it was nice to be able to sleep in a bit, plus the office is only 10 minutes down the road.

I walked up to the door with my coffee in my hand took a deep breath and knocked on the door until someone opened it. The woman told me where I’d be sitting, right by the window which was relaxing to me even though I will probably find myself gazing out the window a bit too often.

When my manager came in, she got me set up right away. I know nothing about the travel industry, I only have experience traveling as well as travel blogging. I do think this will help me when it come to selling the products. My title is Travel Consultant. I will be booking trips and figuring out quotes for travel agents and their clients. Everyone thinks travel agents/consultants are not popular anymore, as this may be true, you would be surprised at how many calls and emails came through to our office the whole day.

Once I finished all the necessary paperwork, I started taking some classes online, getting familiar with certain places. I was able to be certified in selling things specific to Cancun which I thought was pretty awesome. I’ve never been to Cancun so to learn about it really made me want to go. I got to learn all the different places near Cancun like Isla Mujeres and Puerto Morelos as well as all the different activities and excursions you can do here. The next thing on the agenda is learning Sabre and about other destinations like Aruba. I can’t wait to see where this career takes me (pun intended). We are given 4 FAM days or familiarization days that we can take specifically to go to a place and learn about it. Our office specializes in the Caribbean, USA, Canada, Mexico but we can book other destinations as well.

One thing I found quite strange is the fact that I actually have to go by a different name since there’s already another Kim in the office. Since there’s a lot of back and forth with the travel agents and knowing who’s who and what each other says, it’s difficult if there is someone with the same name. Believe it or not. So I have to think of a different name to call myself… hmm…I might have to sleep on this one. Either way I know I’m going to answer the phone saying my actual name out of habit.

After this week, I’m off to training at their headquarters for two weeks to cram as much information as I can into my brain. I couldn’t be more excited ! 

Thank you for letting me share this professional adventure with you all and who knows, maybe I’ll be booking your next trip !

Here’s a little background about GOGO.


If you wanna learn more about GOGO Vacations, check out the links below.


If you would like me to book your next trip please contact me and I would be happy to see if I can help !

UPDATE: I get to keep my name !!! 

13 thoughts on “My First Day as a Travel Consultant 

  1. How exciting! Congratulations on your new job, it sounds really fun! There are a lot of people that I’ve met that say travel agents are the only way they travel! 😀

    That’s too bad that you have to go by a whole different name but at my job I have to as well and I’ve introduced myself at work a ton more times than I do in real life so I actually accidentally introduce myself as my fake name in real life often but I’ve never slipped up and introduced myself as my real name at work! You’ll get the hang of it! 🙂

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  2. Congrats for getting a job you’ll love doing!!:) I bet you’ll have a blast. The name thing is funny, can you not use your full name (Kimberly)? At one of my summer jobs I had the same issue but they didn’t ask us to use different names so customers kept confusing us:P

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