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33 Books Co. — Tasting Books

One of my must haves when traveling to new places ! A friend of mine told me about these a couple years ago and I figured I’d have to give them a try.

33 Books Co. is a company that created little journals so you can keep track of the different kinds of products you tried. I love these because I always forget if I liked a certain wine or coffee.

There’s a bunch of different books to order from chocolate to whiskey. Each book has a page to fill out. Here’s an example of the one for beer:

2017-09-12 12_14_22-Beer Tasting Journal - 33 Books Co..png


I’ve yet to master the flavor wheel since I can never remember if I taste different notes. Once you complete the flavor wheel you connect the dots. The notes section is usually where I will fill in the description the brewery/winery has of the drink. The rating is more for you, that way you can remember on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, how much you enjoyed or hated it.

I’ve filled my books from places I’ve been all over the world. These are great when you go to a specific winery or coffee place that way you can write down the name for future reference.


If you love to travel I highly recommend purchasing a couple of these. They’re tiny and easy to bring places. Plus they’re only $5 a piece. When you sign up for the news letter you get 10% off your order as well.


Here’s a list of all the different journals offered.

Bottles of Beer

Glasses of Whiskey

Bottles of Wine

Cups of Coffee


Drams of Scotch

Pieces of Cheese

Pieces of Chocolate

Mugs of Cider

Oysters on the Half Shell

Drops of Hot Sauce

Leaves of Tea



Slices of Salumi

Mazer of Mead

Scoops of Ice Cream


and more !


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