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Get To Know: Kimberly

Thank you for being so sweet!!!!! I’m so happy to be featured on your blog 🙂


Hey, hey, hey everyone! Before we dive straight into getting to know our special guest today I want to let you all know that when I posted my Get To Know You post last Thursday I had no idea the amount of people that would actually be interested. As of right now I have a totally of 37 emails to read through and come up with questions so please be patient, I will get to your email and to you soon!
Now, for the reason we are here today…KIMBERLY! Kimberly is a gorgeous blonde who enjoys traveling and finding new places in the world to start new adventures!

The Basics:

Name: Kimberly Kruty
Nickname(s): Kim
Occupation: Account Assistant
Nationality: Irish/Ukrainian and American
Country Currently Living In: America

Let’s Get a Little Personal

Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Italy, more specifically Florence.
Favorite method of traveling? Plane…

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