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Rome, Italy

My best friend, Kelsey, and I took a trip to Italy in May and it was a trip of a lifetime. We were able to visit Rome, Florence, Venice and some other cities along the way. We decided to do a Contiki tour (which I’ve done before). Our trip started a day before we met with our tour group since we wanted an extra day in Rome.

After a 2 hour plane delay due to the repair of “an important switch” we finally landed in Fiumincino airport. I literally did everything I could to sleep on the plane since I knew we were going to have a long day ahead of us. Once we got our luggage we took the transfer shuttle to the hotel. We stayed at Hotel Regent which was about a 20 min taxi ride to the center of Rome.  There was also a metro station (Euclide) at the end of the block. Kelsey and I were too nervous to take the metro right away since we didn’t want to be late to our reservation at Aroma Ristorante. This is the beautiful restaurant that people always post about on facebook with the amazing view of the Colosseum.



Although this restaurant had an incredible view,  it was fairly pricey. The food was very different than what I was used to. They gave us appetizers of raw fish paired with fruit and although I like fish, it was not for me. I ordered the Tagliolini pasta with scampi and aubergine passata with basil.

Yes it was a small portion but it was delicious ! The waiter than brought out a little dessert sampler before we left… we devoured it. Overall, I believe you pay for the view although the food was pretty good.

After lunch, we walked around the city center before heading to the Wellness Aquarium where we treated ourselves to a fish pedicure. It is exactly what it sounds like, those little tiny fish eat away the dead skin making your feet soft. The best part is it’s not far from the center and a couple streets from a taxi pick up.

After grabbing some delicious Amaretto gelato we headed back to the hotel.

The next day was the start of our Contiki tour. Since it didn’t start until 4pm we decided to head back to the center and grab some coffee from Cafè et Caffè in Sant’Eustachio.  I would definitely recommend sitting outside, grabbing your favorite kind of coffee to go along with a fresh croissant and just people watch. 

We decided to take a scenic route back and walked through the Villa Borghese Gardens.  What a sight ! I’ve been to Rome before  and I have to say, the gardens were extremely tranquil. It was nice seeing everyone walking around or riding bikes and there was even a food cart where we grabbed some gelato.

We met up with our Contiki group at the hotel and met our amazing Trip Manager, Chiara. We all hopped on the coach and drove to a restaurant called La Gattabuia. We had one of Rome’s signature dishes which was the short pasta with goat cheese and bacon. Man it was delicious.

After dinner we walked off the food by seeing the Spanish Steps and the Trevi Fountain.
If you’re looking for a good idea for drinks and live music go to the Trastevere area. We took “from the behind” shots at this one tiny bar. I have to find the name from my trip manager and will update this.

Our last day in Rome we took a walking tour of  the Pantheon, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. We had a local guide that took us to the ground floor of the Colosseum which is something fairly new that they do with some tours. 

Tonight we got to make our own pizza at CasaNova. This was an optional dinner with our group and we definitely wanted to do it.  
Before heading to Florence, we went on a short tour of the Vatican Museum and St Peter’s Basilica.  Would recommend doing a full tour of the museum because it’s amazing but with the time we were given we were only able to see a small portion before heading through the Sistine Chapel then to St Peters.


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